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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  February 13, 2017 12:00am-1:01am PST

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howie: it's been a media revolt answer president trump over his charges that they aren't covering terrorist attacks or aren't covering enough. meghan mccain, we saw him push back hard on this. >> you need more evidence than sending out a list of terror attacks that were in my opinion covered well, especially on this network. i find it interesting that kellyanne conway was going on tv making. you massacres. but it's being used in memes and protest signs all over the country.
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howie: i think many journalistsv from personally offended by this because they have gone the on planes to cover this stuff. >> that defense is work for trump again. they pushed back so hard. let us show you all the time we covered. i'm sitting at home thinking, man, that's a lot of attacks. if they back off and say we did. >> a kernel of a concept that was worthy of more discussion that maybe we don't cover foreign policy and national security enough. was he wrong in what he said? yes. did media organizations push back as they should have? yes. in 2014, there were tons of isis beheading. then there was a discussion that
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maybe we shouldn't give isis that much publicity. howie: the debate was whether we give isis too much coverage. it's a hard dilemma to resolve. here is the president saying they are not covering some of these attacks adequately and they have their reasons. >> there are political reasons why the obama administration wasn't letting you know about terror attacks. we played it down. if we are taking reality and taking it two steps further. just because the obama administration will say everything is so amazing in iraq and afghanistan. he was trying to say they were covering in that way. all of this is clusmsy narrative. i wish they could keep it precise and tight instead of reading the tea leaves of the kernel of truth they are trying to say.
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>> a discussion about how we cover this, but instead it was defensive and going on the attack on the president. howie: the white house list of 78 attacks. some with no casualties. we obviously cover attacks far more intensively when they are on foreign soil and not a place like britain and france. but they also include orlando and paris and nice which got saturation coverage. >> we just cover them so much and put so much fear out there, and that's the argument i think -- howie: president trump also talked about how the murder rate in our country is the highest it's been in 47 years. the next year he used a different statistic about the increase which is accurate. so at cnn they are saying he's
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divorced from reality in the lead of their newscast. >> they need to get their facts straight. president trump should make a goal of that in 2017 for accurate statistics. on the terrorism thing, i would like to ask him what is it you think the american public is missing. what do you want to tell us about terrorism that you have learned since taking office. howie: now that you are at the white house you can ask him that question. how are the media treating elizabeth warren as opposed to sean spicer. a media if you aror over the president rapping nordstrom. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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howie: when nordstrom announced
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it was dropping the ivanka trump clothing line it launched a twitter storm. another one the president says ivanka has been accused and treated so badly by the media. i spoke about this with trish regan. welcome. nordstrom says ivanka trump's clothing line isn't selling that well. so we decided to drop it two weeks into the administration. are you buying that? trish: not entirely. i think there is a lot of politics in play. we are seeing it increasingly in businesses and it's disturbing. i think nordstrom didn't like getting the effect of all the people don't like trump going after them on twitter. so this their response. howie: the president and everyone knows, decides to put
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up a tweet criticizing nordstrom's decision and the press pownss on this on the ground he's trying to help his daughter's business. trish: this man is a far it and his daughter has been slight. you have got daughters. i have got daughters. as a parent part of what you would always do is stick up for your child. i think there is a whole lot more at play here. howie: it's not just a dad being a dad because he's the president of the united states and he's targeting a specific corporation. trish: people have gone after hit for targeting a lot of different corporations like the f-35 program. he has done that and he has a bully pulpit if you would that makes it nerve-racking for businesses. nordstrom is seeing his wrath.
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i hear you that perhaps he shouldn't have done this. this may have been an emotional response. if someone goes after your child, howie, you go back at them, even if you are president of the united states. howie: kellyanne conway got in hot water when she said this on fox and friends. >> i'm going to give a free commercial here, go buy it today, you can bite online. howie: the wait house said kellyanne conway had been counseled. did she make a mistake. trish: i think if she could she would take back those comments. but all the concerns about ethics. at least it's all out in the open. what donald trump what you see is what you get. and you know that this stuff is going on. so i think the real danger
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perhaps in washington happens to be those back room deals that you don't hear about. that's what we need to be concerned about. she probably would take it back. but it's not like it's going to make or break anything. >> on this point about the concerns about ethics. is there a media mindset that the thing donald trump wants to do beyond sorted of running the world is to enrich himself by doing things that will help the family business? >> there is that mindset. here is the reality. he's the president of the united states. anybody who is president of the united states will just by being the president will enrich themselves. the value of all of his holdings and real estate, he's president, it just went up. that's the reality and the media needs to get over it. howie: is the press lionizing
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elizabeth warren after she was shut down on the senate floor.
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howie: time to get the white house view of the flood of neglect tough stories. with me sarah huckabee sanders, the department communications director. you have had unflattering stories about put *, defending ivanka trump on the nordstrom matter. >> some of the stories may have a little bit of legitimacy. but as a whole i don't think they do. wait tells you is the more
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president trump's opponents go negative, he's probably doing something right. he's probably had more successful days than any first-term president has had. he campaigned on change and turning washington upside down and nobody can argue the first 21 days have been just that. howie: i'm sure you are not arguing the battle over the court baines not a legitimate story. the president is saying the press as a whole is downplaying or not covering terror attacks and he says they have their reasons. what does he mean? >> look at the number of attacks we have had. he's trying to demonstrate the seriousness of what's taking place in our country and around the world, and we cannot allow people to come into our country. he's trying to prove a point
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where this travel executive order is so important. he said what did they mean? he seems to be insinuating there is a political agenda reason. that the presidentr press in his -- that the press in his view isn't giving enough covering to terrorist attacks. >> any terrorist attack, even one, is too many. we need to insure that doesn't happen again. howie: does that include a lot of coverage? does that help make the case? >> here is the problem. when we are covering the death of prince more than we are covering terrorist attacks, that's a problem. that's a big discrepancy. again it's not that we need to do wall-to-wall coverage, but we need to do wall to wall rsh -- o do wall-to-wall protection.
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he's trying to fulfill the number one job of the president which is keeping america safe. >> all the sunday shows today except for cnn, one official who did go on jake tapper's weekday * show is kellyanne conway. let's take a look at that. >> it's difficult to hear those criticisms from a white house that has such little record day in and day out for facts. are we fake news? >> i don't think cnn is fake news. i think there are some report everywhere in tv, on radio, in conversations that are not well researched and are sometimes based on falsehoods. howie: is the white house boycotting cnn on sunday morning by not making top officials available. >> there was an offer tore for
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someone to go on and they didn't take us up on that. i'm not sure what happened this week. i'm happy to go on jake's show any time. when are they going to show -- i watched that interview -- i'm trying to think of a diplomatic way to say it. it wasn't journalism. until they want to start asking real questions and talk about real questions americans care about instead of getting in the back and forth. howie: why wasn't it journalism? that's a serious charge. >> there were parts of it like the accusations of boycotting their network when we clearly offered for people to be con. con -- to be on. that's a big deal. howie: there has been a lot of media chatter about sean spicer. the washingtonian magazine said
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a form navy seal has been interviewed for press secretary. >> it's probably one of the most ridiculous stories out there. one of the reasons i find this story to be so absurd is one of the closing lines of the story was they reached out to the white house for comment and we didn't respond when i was the one who talked to that reporter an hour before her story posted and told her how untrue every part of that story was. the fact that she went ahead and published the story and also failed to mention that she talked to me is mind-boggling. i think a perfect example of why we are so frustrated with the amount of fake news out there. and reporters are not letting the facts get in the way of those fake news stories. howie: higby finally backed off.
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"the washington post" story about michael flynn and the conversations he had with the russian ambassador before the inauguration. how concerned is the president about this flood of leaks all of which, or many of which seem aimed at undermining it. >> protecting americans, building a wall, make education better. he's focused on doing what he spent the last year and a half talking about. not talking about the stories the media wants to play up. when he's traveling around the country, when we are talking to people around the country. howie: you see the leaks as trying to get the president off his game to change the environment? >> absolutely. look at what we have done the last 21 days. why are we not talking about the number of jobs he created. how much the market improved. how we have a stronger, more
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stable economy. howie: it's getting some attention. >> very little. compare how much attention that has gotten compared to the petty games people don't care about that don't affect americans. that's what we are focused on is how we can improve and make america great again. howie: thanks for coming in. senate republicans turn elizabeth warren into a media hero. is there too much speculative coverage of sean spicer who was spoofed again last night on "saturday night live." i wanted to know where my family came from. i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪
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howie: elizabeth warren has been a hot media property this week, doing a lot of interviews. when she was reading letter from martin luther king's widow and mitch mcconnell invoked a rule that forced her to sit down. >> in president, the senator impugned the motives and conduct of our colleague from alabama. >> i think weigh did was wrong. i think reading the words of coretta scott king on the floor of the united states senate --
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howie: joining us to analyze the coverage, gayle trotter and mara liasson. there is no when mitch mcconnell made this into a large national story. was the media ready to embrace elizabeth warren? >> the controversial surrounding senator sessions nomination was an old story. the republicans in silencing elizabeth warren created a martyr out of her. when the male colleagues read the letter she had been silenced about, it really made her a martyr because they can focus on the sexismism reply cases. howie: lots of people in the media world are talking about whether she is running for president in 2020. >> there is no doubt she is the
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heroine for the left. she does go to the press but doesn't give interviews. she has a tv or-ented press strategy. but i think -- porente orienteds strategy. howie: was it links to the fact she was fighting jeff sessions as opposed to ted cruz going up on the floor against obamacare. >> she was fighting jeff sessions. when mcconnell came out and gave that statement about she persisted, it made a rallying cry. so city the was made -- >> it wasn't because she was talking about jeff sessions. it was because he made her stop
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talking and he -- that's why. howie: so sean spicer who last week melissa mccarthy did the funny skit on "saturday night live." >> 80% of the people in chicago have been murdered and are dead, and that's on you. you did that. >> i'm look at the real numbers here and they directly contradict everything you have said. howie: mara, you are in the briefing room every day. do you think these skits against sean spicer are fair? >> i think they are. he has the toughest job in the
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white house. he has a boss hop watches the briefing almost in toto. i think these skits are funny. they only matter to sean spicer's 10 europe if the president doesn't like them. 4.3 million people are watching these briefings. he's a big hit. howie: late-night comedians are mocking trump in sometimes funny and sometimes serious ways. does it matter? >> to his job longevity, i don't think so. howie: but is it changing perceptions? we always talk about the impact of tina fay. change perceptions in a cultural way for this white house? >> certainly that's the effort. if you think about melissa mccarthy's schtick, it's to be
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agrestlessive and trying too hard. that catches the spirit of the press corps. melissa mccarthy i think does represent what's going on. how very went to a briefing this week and it was tense. i wonder if you think there is more of an edge to the questions the reporters are asking. >> i think so because the administration said the press is the opposition. how * is the president living up to that label if they will be more aggressive? >> i think the press has to hold every administration accountable. whether they are going over the line, we can discuss each instance and look at that.
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howie: mara liasson and gail trotter, thanks for joining us. kellyanne conway is practically
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howie: there have been a spate of stories about melania trump staying out of the spotlight. melania trump has chosen to stay in new york while their son finishes the school year. >> they have made a decision that i respect enormously. i wish i could stay with my children that much. howie: the separate slistles
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questioning melania's role. >> that's none of their business. the woman is bifnl side and out, brilliant, she speaks five languages, i speak one. she is a successful entrepreneur in her own right and she is a loving and supportive wife and mother and a great role model to those of us who work with the president and the first family. she doesn't call attention to herself, and i think people can't stand that. they want to poke. they want to dissect. i admire the fact that melania trump is so comfortable in her own skin that she doesn't have to disprove anybody's negative storysor even -- negative storir even positive stories. she is starting to assemble her
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staff. somebody who waited and went through the proper channels. i'm told she waited 10 years to get everything approved it's sow gratifying to me to see that in 2017. an immigrant first lady. who is covering that story? why isn't she out there? because she is not singing kumbaya with the protesters. howie: kellyanne conway says media reports of why we don't have a public first lady is none much their business. >> i think the coverage of melania not being around is symptomatic of the entire trump administration that the press expects to follow along similar lines to what we have seen in the past. a tacit comparison to michelle obama.
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we have enough to cover with the trump administration already. there are stories coming out left and right. there is no room for melania trump anyway. howie: stories about the first lady sells magazines. we did see her the first time since the inaugural weekend on the plane with president trump greeting reporters as they came on. i'm throwing a penalty flag on and super bowl headline that rodney and his new business.
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he teaches lessons to stanley... and that's kind of it right now. but rodney knew just what to do...he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he knows where he stands in an instant. ahhh...that's a profit. which gave him the idea to spend a little cash on some brilliant marketing! ha, clever. wow, look at all these new students! way to grow, rodney! know where you stand instantly. visit howie: donald trump had a great opportunity to smack the media. the piece saying the two leaders haven't spoken since november. the president fired up on twitder, the failing "new york times." we spoke at length yesterday.
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as the times story was going to press, the paper asked for:comments. that's the only edition that made to it washington because of snowstorm in new york. so it wasn't fake at that particular moment. i didn't think the new england patriots had a chance either. even tom brady couldn't pull off a comeback like that. but the hometown boston globe seemed to lose faith. a birth end, for the falcons maybe. that is right up there with dewey beat truman. that's it for this edition of "mediabuzz." we hope you like our facebook page. we post a lot of original content there. you can email us at
1:00 am we enjoyed having you along for the right. back here next sunday with the latest buzz.